These services are designed to enhance and beautify painted surfaces. They can also eliminate deeply rooted contaminents in or on your paint surface, such as acid rain, water spotting, tree sap, rail dust, swirling, overspray and general environmental fallout that afftects the condition of your paint. Because no two paint conditions or types are alike, we require an estimate before proceeding with any of these services. All listed services start with a complete surface decontamination and surface prep.

We strive to exceed an 85% correction process

The graph below shows examples of how different types of contaminents damage your painted surface. Left unchecked, some of these defects will etch your clear coat, permanently damaging it. Multiple contaminents can also layer on top of one another, causing deeper defects and problems on your painted surface

STAGE ONEThis service is designed for lightly oxidized or newer vehicles. This will correct most top layer surface contamination, light  swirling, light scratches and normal envornmental build-up.
For previously detailed vehicles, this is a great once a year maintenance service
STAGE TWO ~  This service is designed for moderately oxidized vehicles. This will correct more deeply rooted paint problems than STAGE ONE, moderate swirling, light scratches and contamination. Compounding the paint surface will also aid in the correction process and produce a cleaner surface with a better shine

STAGE THREE ~  This service is designed for heavily oxidized vehicles. Severely rooted problems need more finess and correction stages to fully enhance the surface. Adding a mid level cutting polish ensures that any hazing from the compound stage is remedied. A finishing polish acts as a “jeweling effect” adding refinement to the entire process.

STAGE FOUR ~  This is the best correction process we offer. Wet sanding the vehicle eliminates all but the deepest imperfections or scratches. This process can also help level orange peel, a natural occurance when spraying clear coat. After wet sanding, compounding the vehicle removes and levels the sanded surface leaving behind a beautifully restored finish and an enhanced shine.

We strongly recommend adding a wax, sealant or coating to your vehicle after one of these services. These add a layer of protection from the elements, better UV resistance and an enhanced layer of depth & shine. Click Here for a complete listing of our Paint Protection options