Tired of unsightly scratches, chips or nicks? We can help remove, blend or fill in those marks and improve the overall looks of your painted surface. We classify scratches/chips by how far they have penetrated the painted surface. Scratches or chips may need to be professionally repainted, this is dependant on the length, depth and number of defects

LIGHT SCRATCHES/CHIPS ~ These defects break the clear coat and go no further. These are often caused by accidental bumping of an object against the painted surface, or from micro marring, which causes swirling. Scratches of this nature can easily be fixed by buffing with compounds and polishes

MEDIUM SCRATCHES/CHIPS ~ These defects penetrate past the clear coat and into the base coat. They are normally caused by impact with another object and objects forcibly or accidentally dragged against the surface. Meduim scratches will have a centerpoint of contact and generally fan out to a lighter scratch. Most of these defects require wet sanding and touch-up, which may leave a slight 5 o’clock shadow near or along the contact point

HEAVY SCRATCHES/CHIPS ~ These defects penetrate past the paint and into the substrate/metal, sometimes etching the metal itself. They require wet sanding and touch-up to blend into the panel, but may also require the panel to be repainted. Shadowing along the scratch is common

CHIP BLENDING ~ Road rashing is a common occurrence on the front bumper and hoods of daily driven cars. This defect consists of tiny, multiple chips in a large area. We can paint blend these defects using touch-up paint. 

We provide this guide as a reference to scratch & chip depth