We can set up recurring services thru one of our Preferred Packages. These packages are designed around your needs and our recommendations. We’ll even lock in pricing for one calendar year!

PERSONAL PACKAGE ~ Aimed at our regular customer base. Choose any exterior and/or interior service with a recurring schedule (weekly, monthly, etc) that fits your needs. Initial service is required prior to signing up for a package
Personal Package Benefits:
~ Recurring service shcedule. No need to remember “when or what” to do
~ Locked in pricing on all selected services for one year
~ 10% Discount on all other services not included in package (during package period only)
~ Add other vehicles at any time (requires initial service, must be registered to same address)
~ Great for ceramic coating maintenance service
~  No package fees, no commitments, no hassles!

BUSINESS PACKAGE ~ Aimed at businesses, fleet accounts or those who use their vehicles for revenue generating. Select any exterior and/or interior service that fits your business needs. Add as many vehicles as necessary. This package requires a minimum of one selected service performed monthly, to at least one vehicle. 
Business Package Benefits:
~ 3, 6, 9 or 12 month packages
~ Locked in pricing on selected services for the duration of the package length
~ No vehicle limit! Add or subtract vehicles at any time! (vehicles must be registered to the same business)
~ 10% Discount on all all other services not included in package (during package period only)
~ 24 hour response time. We’ll book your appointment within 24 hours of calling (excludes Closed days or Holidays)

WINNERS CIRCLE PACKAGE ~ Our most complete vehicle care package. This package includes our most popular services with added services hand picked by us! It is aimed at being a complete one-time service that addresses all of the most common issues we see when detailing cars. This package is also great prior to pre-sale/trade-in of your vehicle or for brand new cars, to lock in and protect that showroom finish and look.
Winners Circle Benefits:
~ Exterior Decontamination
~ Clean & detail engine bay

~ Stage 3 Surface Enhancement
~ Wheels off cleaning of the rims and wheel wells
~ Apply SHIELD EXP, SHIELD GLASS and SHIELD TEXTILE (convertible tops only)
~ Complete interior cleaning (Extraction and/or Steam Clean, spot/stain treatment, leather clean & condition)
~ Apply SHIELD TEXTILE to all fabric surfaces, apply SHIELD LEATHER to all leather seats/surfaces