Surface protection comes in many forms. Its primary function is to add a barrier between your paint or clear coat and the elements, as well as minimize the every day occurrences experienced while driving your vehicle. Any of these products can be added to a Surface Enhancement Service

WAX ~ The most commonly used form of paint protection. Wax is a good all around product but lasts the shortest amount of time. We recommend reapplication at least every 3 months

SEALANT* ~ Sealants are made up of mostly polymer & resin formulas. They react with clear coats to form a bond over the painted surface, giving better environmental and UV protection than waxes. Sealants can also be topped with wax, for added depth, shine and protection.
We recommend reapplication at least every 8-12 months

COATING* ~ Coatings are made up of mostly synthetic titanium (TiO2) and quartz (SiO2) formulas. They outperform waxes and sealants by creating a hardened layer of protection that bonds with your clear coat. This minimizes the effects of paint contamination and micro marring, while also giving better UV protection and enhanced gloss & shine to your vehicle. They also reduce your maintenance time/costs due to their hydrophobic properties. Coatings are very durable and can last anywhere from 2-7 years.
We recommend checking in with your installer on a regular basis to properly maintain the coating. All of our SHIELD EXP installs include one free maintenance wash & check up

We offer the following Majestic Solutions SHIELD Ceramic Coatings:
SHIELD EXP ~ Adds a durable hardened 9H layer of protection to your painted surface. This increases resistance to swirling, contamination, dirt and UV rays. It also leaves an enhanced gloss and lasts 3 to 5 years
SHIELD REVIVE ~ A 3 to 6 month rejuvinator for your ceramic coating. This acts as an additional barrier to SHIELD EXP or can be applied as a “stand alone” product
SHIELD GLASS ~ Add a layer of protection to your exterior glass. This product improves water repellancy making driving safer by  lessening eye strain in bad weather. You also get the added benefit of ice, tree sap, bugs, etc. being easier to remove
SHIELD TEXTILE ~  Adds a UV and hydrophobic layer of protection to your convertible top

PAINT PROTECTION FILM** ~ Also known as PPF, this is the best overall protection for your painted surface. Clear vinyl can be installed in high impact areas, or the whole car can be wrapped. It is also the most expensive form of protection, but gives you the most “bang for the buck” over the longevity of the product. PPF can last anywhere from 7-10 years
We recommend following the manufacturers instructions for care & service of your PPF

*Due to the chemical nature and bonding properties of these products, surface enhancement services are required  prior to installing
**PPF requires a clean and decontaminated surface before apllication. Surface enhancement service is mandatory prior to installing

DISCLAIMER ~ Longevity and/or durability claims are approximates based on normal driving conditions and regular wash cycles. There are many environmental factors that can affect the durability or longevity of any type of paint protection. We recommend surface protection be applied to a clean and decontaminated surface to ensure proper adhesion and maxium protection. Should you choose to have us install one of these products over an unclean surface, we cannot be held liable for premature product failure. Ask us about a product that best fits your needs