The inside of your vehicle can be just as much of a concern as the exterior.
Our interior car care services provide a wide range of options for keeping you cabin clean.

INTERIOR VACUUM ~ Vacuum interior carpets, floor mats, trunk, headliner, consoles, seats, dash, clean windows

VAC & CLEAN ~ Vacuum interior carpets, floor mats, trunk, headliner, consoles seats, dash. Dress door panels, dash, kick panels, instrument cluster, console, door sills & jambs, clean windows

TINT REMOVAL ~ We can safely and quickly remove window tinting from any interior window. Our process will not damage defrosters or other embedded window features

SPOTS & STAINS ~ We can pre-treat and remove most spots and stains from your carpeting or cloth seats, prior to vacuuming

STEAM CLEANING ~ Steam cleaning your interior provides added benefits as this process eliminates and kills harmful bacteria, mold & mildew

DE-IONIZING ~ This process removes foul odors and bacteria from your interior by statically charging the air particles. 

PET HAIR REMOVAL ~ We can add pet hair removal to any interior service

SHAMPOOING ~ Vacuum interior carpets, floor mats, trunk, headliner consoles, seats, dash, clean windows

CARPET DYEING ~ This can be a very cost effective repair vs. replacing the entire interior carpet. We can dye trouble areas and blend them into the exsisting carpeting

LEATHER CLEANING ~ We can rejuvenate worn, dull or dirty leather seats to thier original luster. This service is perfect for vehicles with real leather or saddle leather seats, as our process uses the same techniques used to clean & condition riding saddles


 We offer a complete line of interior protection products to help minimize spotting and staining as well as provide better UV protection for plastic interior panels and leather seats. All of these products can be added on to any interior service

SCOTCHGARD ~ A basic spray-on protectant for your carpets and cloth seats. This will provide protection from minor spills and soiling for up to 3 months

GTECHNIQ SMART FABRIC AB ~ Protects fabrics from water and oil based stains, adds water repellency and a biocote that kills 99.9% of bacterial germs, while still allowing your carpet to breathe and release stale air particles

GTECHNIQ LEATHER GUARD AB ~ Protects leather surfaces from abrasion, UV, dye transfer and other discolorations. It also adds a biocote that kills 99.9% of bacterial germs, all with a matte finish

GTECHNIQ MATTE DASH AB ~ Specifically designed for dashboards and door panels this product adds abrasion resistance, dirt, water, static and UV repellency as well as adding a biocote that kills 99.9% of bacterial germs