Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is the art of removing dents, dings, creases and other body panel imperfections without having to repaint or use body filler to fix the damage.
This can be a very cost effective solution vs. body shop repairs and in most cases can be covered by your insurance.
We have performed PDR work on over 5000 vehicles to date, ranging from small door dings to hail damage and extensive panel repairs.


~ Not all dents are repairable using PDR techniques. You will be informed should we determine the dent(s) need body shop repairs.
~ Dents will have an impact point that may require touch-up. The cost of touching up the area is built into the price of the repair. The cost of the touch-up paint pen is additional. Customers may supply their own touch-up paint, or we can source it out for you.
~ Access to dents may be limited due to sound deadening material, bracing, motors, batteries, molding, gas tank necks, pinch welds, etc. which may impact the final results of the repair. This also helps us determine if the dent is repairable or needs body shop repair.
~ We may determine that drilling into a body panel is the best option for removing a dent. We use this only as a last resort, as we do not wish to compromise the structural integrity of the vehicle or panel. Should the decision be made to drill, the customer will be notified of that decision and the location of the drill point. It is always your choice to proceed or not, should drilling be necessary. 1) Drill points will always be made to maintain a factory appearance. 2) No more than one drill point per panel. 3) No hole shall be bigger than 5/8″


Some of our PDR work
This is Before & After of hail damage on a 4-Runner


This hood had lots of complicated damage. Took roughly 3 hours of work to complete